Waco Symphony Brass Program

Sponsored by the
Waco Symphony Council

Requirements for Participation in the Program

  1. Brass Application Form
    The Brass Application Form must be completed to obtain the required information for participation in the program. The fee to cover participation in the Brass Program is $225. To start your registration, please go to the link noted below.
  2. Waco Symphony Council Membership
    Brass Sponsors (parents or grandparents) must join the Waco Symphony Council. If you have not renewed your membership for 2018-2019, you will be asked to do so when registering your son/grandson for the program.
    Serving on a Committee is expected of all Brass parents. Please remember to indicate the Committee of your choice. Minimum membership in the Council is $40. There are other levels available and those options will be presented when going through the registration process.
  3. Waco Symphony Season Tickets
    Brass Sponsors must purchase Waco Symphony Season Tickets at a Sustainer Membership level, or higher. You will be directed to the Season Ticket form when registering online. If the Brass parents are the Sponsors, but the grandparents would also like to be announced at the Presentation, the grandparents must also purchase tickets at the Sustainer level, or higher.

IMPORTANT: Click here to begin registration for the Waco Symphony Council Brass Program. Payment will be by credit card only, and you will receive a confirmation upon completion of the registration and confirmed payment by your designated credit card. Make sure you keep a copy of your receipt.

If you have questions, please call the WSA office at 254-754-0851.

About the Belles and Brass Program

Welcome to online registration for Belles and Brass 2018-19! We are so glad you are considering this program for your son or daughter. The Belles and Brass program is just one way the Symphony Council supports and furthers the interests of the Waco Symphony Orchestra.

The Belles and Brass program of the Waco Symphony Council is designed for area high school students—Sophomore and Junior girls and Junior boys—to raise awareness of the Symphony and to educate these future leaders in music appreciation, leadership qualities and etiquette. It also gives participants an opportunity to meet other area students with whom they might not ordinarily associate. The program culminates the spring of their junior year with a formal Presentation at a Waco Symphony Orchestra Concert.

The Belle program for high school girls begins the Sophomore year and lasts for two years. During their time of service, the Belles attend music appreciation courses, usher at Symphony concerts, and volunteer at Council fundraisers and other events that vary from year to year. In addition they attend a ropes course activity to promote leadership and teamwork. The Waco Symphony Council recently added another component to help these future business and community leaders by implementing a dinner etiquette seminar, complete with a multi-course formal dinner.

The program was started in the 1965-66 Concert Season and continues to be changed and adjusted to serve the needs of the Symphony and area organizations.

The Council appreciates your interest in the Belles and Brass program!

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